Thursday, April 14, 2011


When I was in despair

When I thought life was not fair

When I cried out of rage

Because I couldn’t figure out the maze

Every hope doomed to fail

Loneliness prevailed

Horizon darkened

Crater deepened

I lost my faith

Stopped to breath

Closed my eyes, headed for an eternal sleep…..

A voice haunted my dreams

I woke up, my inside still screams

I opened my eyes

Wondered where was I

I was in heaven indeed

I heed a melody undaunted, a gleam

A verse no mortal could deem

A tune unblemished

The language angelic

Smooth like an endless stream

A song that would tranquilize a beast

A song that’s a luscious feast

A notion cherished

The theme therapeutic

Enigmatic like the sun of the east

A new crack of dawn

The dew on the lawn

Smile in the sky

I am on an isle that could fly

It’s a mystic land

Don’t want to know what’s beyond

I could reside here forever

Monday, April 11, 2011

the last wild cat

Born from the womb of a creature
That knows no pain,
That has no revenge against its victim
or remourse for the lives it has ended
it began its journey
peircing the wind
with lightining speed
but its destiny was to pierce
the heart of the gigantic striped cat

but little does the little chunk of metal
know the events it has set in motion
from the time it was set to motion
it was a mere puppet in the hands
of the one who claims himself to be invincible
one who cannot give life but doesnt hesitate to take one
not only for his survival but for his fancies

was it a curse or an honor
to wipe of a species from the face of the earth?
to set forth an imbalance in nature
to become a seed of destruction
that would eventually end humanity one day?

life is not 'pause'able

when you look into the mirror
you see the reflection of the real world
the image is the same till the objects remain the same way in here
once they are moved the image is not the same

you want to be on the other side of the mirror
i know it is serene in there
but what you think you see... and what you think you know...
and the fact that 'you'
dont exist, is hard to believe

get back
get back its been so long
get back
get back to where you belong
get back
get back and face it
get back
get back and embrace it

pain is a common thing
its a feeling
feel the sting

Feel the fire
let it burn your passion and lead you to the right path
but not burn it to ashes

feel the air
let it awaken your senses
let the storng breeze blow away your miseries

Feel the water
let it freshen your mood
let it wash away the dirt that has blurred your vision

Feel the sky
let it remind you of the clouds
that has clogged up your sky, let your questions rain the answers

feel the earth
let it give you the platform
let it find you the place to build the world of your dreams

feel the life till you die... laugh till you cry

coz what you ask is not possible
coz life is not 'pause'able