Thursday, April 14, 2011


When I was in despair

When I thought life was not fair

When I cried out of rage

Because I couldn’t figure out the maze

Every hope doomed to fail

Loneliness prevailed

Horizon darkened

Crater deepened

I lost my faith

Stopped to breath

Closed my eyes, headed for an eternal sleep…..

A voice haunted my dreams

I woke up, my inside still screams

I opened my eyes

Wondered where was I

I was in heaven indeed

I heed a melody undaunted, a gleam

A verse no mortal could deem

A tune unblemished

The language angelic

Smooth like an endless stream

A song that would tranquilize a beast

A song that’s a luscious feast

A notion cherished

The theme therapeutic

Enigmatic like the sun of the east

A new crack of dawn

The dew on the lawn

Smile in the sky

I am on an isle that could fly

It’s a mystic land

Don’t want to know what’s beyond

I could reside here forever


  1. i felt this deep down on my soul.


  2. very well expressed one.

    you rock.


  3. @ luna : thanks so much
    @ jingle: thanks to you and thursdaypoetsrally. i was only concentrating on writing and composing tunes. your blogs inspired me to be a poet

  4. In our deepest fears and loneliest times, our dreams take us to a place where nothing but beauty exists :) and also, it is in melancholy that a poet breathes free the most, in my opinion of course :) thanks for the share; if this was wordpress, I'd have clicked the like button without any hesitation :)

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  5. Beautifully done. Your idea of heaven is a tranquil one of contentment--nice.

  6. nice! my thursday post :

  7. The rhyming was just awesome..and the descriptive words you have used created a marvel..


  8. Lovely and inspiring.I loved every word! Beautiful!

  9. Makes me think of all the times I watched the clock, willing the day to end so i could sleep and dream. Well done.

  10. Good poem, great rhyme and flow

  11. That's a great poem, especially the third stanza, great job.