Monday, April 11, 2011

the last wild cat

Born from the womb of a creature
That knows no pain,
That has no revenge against its victim
or remourse for the lives it has ended
it began its journey
peircing the wind
with lightining speed
but its destiny was to pierce
the heart of the gigantic striped cat

but little does the little chunk of metal
know the events it has set in motion
from the time it was set to motion
it was a mere puppet in the hands
of the one who claims himself to be invincible
one who cannot give life but doesnt hesitate to take one
not only for his survival but for his fancies

was it a curse or an honor
to wipe of a species from the face of the earth?
to set forth an imbalance in nature
to become a seed of destruction
that would eventually end humanity one day?

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