Monday, May 31, 2010

Jannal Orama Unnai Parthen Mudalmurai
Minnal Velichathil Un Mugam Kandenadi
Kangal Oda Nee Senja Saigai Parthene
Pengalai Verikkum Naan Kadhal Kondenadi

Ulagathil Azhagellam Enakippo Teriyide
En Manadhil Azhukellam Azhittal Ai Ponade
Sogathil Irunda Naan Sirikarambithene
Santhoshatille Naan Inda Nyaalathai Maruthene

En Vaalkayil Varamai Vandai, En Yochanai Marthinai
Nadodi Ya Irunda Enaka Oru Thozhi Aginai

Alzhagin Devathai endru na unna paratta maten
Yena un manasin alzhagu thukka oru thukkam illadi

Naatkal endrum naan eppo enni partha dillai
Yena nee illai endrale enakku inda kaalam illadi

Unnode vazhkai daan
Unnode saagum daan
Moham illai idu kadhal daan
Pecchu illai idu Vakku daan

Un kooda seri tha nadappendadi


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  2. I saw you for the first time from the corner of the Window.
    I saw your face in the brightness of the lightening.
    I saw the cute expression you gave with your Eyes.
    Me, a person who hates women, have experienced what's love

    I started seeing the beauty in this world
    All the bad in my heart is destroyed
    I was always sad till now, I started smiling
    In the happiness I forgot the world

    You came into my life like a boon, and changed my way of thinking
    I was like a nomad/gypsy, you became a friend to me.........

    I wont praise that you are a godess of beauty
    because to measure the beauty of your heart there is no scale
    I have never tried to count the days
    because when you arent there, for me the time doesnt exist

    With you I live
    With you I die
    Not lust, this is love
    Not words, this is a promise
    With you always I walk