Friday, May 14, 2010

I just hope it is Myth

you are in my eyes
you are in every direction i see...even if i close my eyes.. its just you

you are in my heart
you are in my words, you are my world.. you are my life.. its just you

i cant exist without you...
stay with me... for ever and ever and ever

you came into my life like a dream....
hit the walls of my heart like a stream....
and you have vanished...
my heart is anguished..
its searching for you.. to tell you how much it misses you..
and you are nowhere to be seen...

the first time i have seen you...
i forget.. i exist
waiting for you to remind me who i am

you are the tide.. that has touched the shore of my dreamland
you are the flower.. that has aroused my senses
you are the storm... that sprung from the valleys of my pain
you are the music... that was born from my heartbeat

you came into my life.. in a second...
and changed it completely
i cannot console my heart saying it was a dream
but it doesnt accept that you were real as well

i just hope it is myth


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