Thursday, August 19, 2010

you left me stating....

i havent slept all night
thinking about the next day
contemplating about the
things that i should say
i never had such a feeling
before in my life
i wanted to ask you to
be my better half

i was standing in there
everyone's givin a stare
it was my worst nightmare
you left me in despair

you left me stating
that im so frustrating
and you would stop dating
asked me to stop bleating

i call you next day
the day after and the entire week
you keep disconnecting
every time you see your cell phone beep
you promised me many things
and there's not even one that you could keep
i waited so many days
at the corner of your street to speak

i was standing in there
dint even give me a stare
it was my worst nightmare
you've left me in despair

you left me waiting
its so frustrating
why is your love abating
why are you evading

you start dating
another guy who's a millionaire
he takes you shopping
n for a movie in his fancy car
you think he loves you
but in fact he doesnt even care
you sense it, but you
stick to him coz of his flair

he gets bored with your stupid talk
asks you to get out and take a walk
you know hez found a better girl
whoz got even more better curls

he leaves you stating
that ur so frustrating
and he would stop dating
asks you to stop bleating

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