Saturday, February 13, 2010

You crazy girl

You crazy girl
What have you done to my heart.....
My fragile heart
Is now broken in your hands....

I loved you girl.....
Like no one ever before...
And for this....
You made my heart so sour....

Why did you come into my life....
and why do you walk away from me now
And why did you lie to me i am the one you love
why did you?????

you crazy girl
look what you'v done to ur self
what could hav been
a sweet life is now rotten in your hands

you are a girl
any guy would die for
what was the need
to lower urlsef so much...

what made you commit such a sin
it got you to the position u r in
what hppnd to you kith n kin

did they not warn you???

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